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Master Chess Openings with Natural Play Learning

Welcome to a Revolutionary Chess Training Experience

At, we're redefining the way you learn chess openings. Our unique Natural Play Learning method is here to transform your understanding and mastery of chess openings.

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Courses Powered by Natural Play Learning

Our Course Trainer is specifically designed to help you learn chess openings. Faster. And better. With Natural Play Learning, you can master chess openings like never before. You can bring your own PGN files and transform them into interactive courses. Or you can explore the courses shared by other users. We will also regularly publish bespoke courses created by our in-house Masters and top players.

Here's what you can expect:

  • User-Centric: You can either create your own courses or explore those shared by other users. Our team of in-house Masters and top players also regularly publishes bespoke courses.
  • Dynamic and Interactive: Each course is structured to help you learn and remember chess openings faster than ever before, with an emphasis on practical understanding and retention.
  • Focusing on Real-Game Scenarios: The courses are not just about memorising moves but understanding them in the context of real-game scenarios.

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What is Natural Play Learning?

Natural Play Learning is a groundbreaking technique developed exclusively by This method revolutionizes traditional chess training by combining the effectiveness of Spaced Repetition with a creative twist.

By ensuring you only "learn" a move once, and after that are shown it directly in context as you would when playing, we not only cut down on the time it takes to learn a move, but also ensure you retain it for longer.

Here's how it works:

  • Learning Through Playing: Instead of monotonously re-learning the same moves, you engage with them in a more natural, game-like environment. Once you master a move, it becomes a core part of your game play.
  • Efficient and Engaging: As you play through your openings, if you encounter a familiar position, you skip the basic steps and directly engage with the new challenges. This approach not only makes learning more efficient but also deeply engaging.
  • Tailored to All Levels: Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned Grandmaster, our Natural Play Learning method is designed to cater to every skill level.

Why choose Natural Play Learning?

  • Faster Learning: Absorb and comprehend chess openings more quickly than traditional methods
  • Longer Retention: Our method ensures that you remember moves for a longer period
  • Efficient Training: Focus on learning new strategies and tactics, not just repeating what you already know
  • Real-Game Feel: Experience the openings as they would naturally occur in real chess games

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