Strategic chess endgame setup on a chess board

Endgame Training

Master your endgame strategy with's Endgame Trainer.

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Understanding Chess Endgames

Endgames are crucial in chess, where the game's fate often hangs in the balance. Our Endgame Trainer provides you with scenarios that are both challenging and instructive, covering queen, rook, knight, bishop, and pawn endgames.

The training is designed to improve your precision and decision-making in these vital stages of the game. By practicing different endgame scenarios, you develop an intuitive understanding and strategic depth.

Our approach isn't just about learning moves; it's about developing a deep strategic understanding of endgame principles.

A chess enthusiast analyzing endgame strategies

How to Use the Endgame Trainer

You can choose between queen, rook, knight, bishop, and pawn endgames. You can also select the difficulty level, ranging from beginner to master. The training will then provide you with a series of endgame scenarios to solve.

In a similar way to our Tactics Trainer, you are presented with a chess position and then must solve it. You only have one chance to make the correct move, so think carefully before you make your choice. If you get it wrong, you can study the correct solution before moving on to the next position.

Are You Ready to Master Chess Endgames?

The endgame trainer is free to use for all members. No credit card required.