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Visualisation Training

Enhance your chess foresight with's Visualisation Trainer.

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Why Visualisation Training Matters

Do you struggle to see past two or three moves? Find long calculations difficult? Our Visualisation Trainer is designed for you.

With our trainer, you're presented with a board position and a sequence of moves. Your task is to visualize these moves in your mind, and find the correct final move.

The tool was designed with both beginners and advanced players in mind, with completely customisable settings. You can choose the number of moves to visualize and the difficulty of the puzzles, to really set the level of challenge you want.

A user engaging with the Visualisation Trainer interface

How to Use the Visualisation Trainer

You'll be presented with a position and a list of moves. Visualize the given moves in your head, and try to find the correct move in that position.

When you think you've found the correct move, enter it on the board. If you're correct, great! Move on to the next one. If not, you can keep trying or skip to the next puzzle. You can also use the "Show Solution" button to reveal the correct answer.

Just like all our other trainers, gain experience points for each correct answer and work your way up through the ranks.

Ready to Sharpen Your Visualization Skills?

Improve your ability to foresee complex scenarios and tactics. Begin your training today.