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Chess Tactics Training

Train Your Chess Tactics to Master Level

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How to use the Tactics Trainer

In our Chess Tactics Trainer we have implemented the Woodpecker Method. This allows you to automaticcaly build a set of between 20-500 chess puzzles. Each one tailored to your chess rating, and based on the chess tactics and themes that you want to focus on.

We will automatically track your time and accuracy across the chess puzzles. This means all the admin work required in the WoodPecker method is taken care of for you - you just focus on solving chess puzzles. Remember, these puzzles should be difficult for you to solve! For best results, break your practice into 30-60 minute sessions once a day. Your first time through a puzzle set should take 1-2 weeks.

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What is the Woodpecker Method

The Woodpecker Method is based on solving a large set of puzzles; then solving the same puzzles again and again, only faster.

The puzzles should be difficult but not impossible, in the 2-5 minute range to solve. Not 30 seconds. By repeating the set over and over, you will get faster and more accurate.

However this isn't simple memorisation! Rather, you internalise and bake into your subconscious the core ideas and patterns.

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