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Keeghan McGarry

Founder & Lead Developer at

Hailing from New Zealand and now residing in Liverpool, England, Keeghan McGarry is a unique blend of tech enthusiast, avid chess competitor, and creative mastermind behind numerous Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. With a rich background in computer science and business management, Keeghan's journey in the tech world spans over a decade, beginning in software engineering and progressively evolving into roles where technology meets human interaction.

A passionate chess player, Keeghan's journey in the game is both inspiring and a testament to his dedication. Being mostly self-taught before being coached by NM Roger Williamson, he is now on an ambitious path towards achieving his National Master title. Currently rated around 2200 online and approximately 1500 OTB, his engagement with chess intensified over the last three years. Driven by a desire for better training tools, Keeghan channelled his dissatisfaction into creation, leading to the birth of

At the core of Keeghan's philosophy is the belief that technology should be as much about people as it is about coding. This belief has not only guided his career but also shaped the ethos of Whether it's bringing a data-driven mindset to burgeoning startups or developing user-centric features for the chess training website, Keeghan thrives on diving into challenges and witnessing the tangible impact of his work. His approach combines a deep understanding of tech with a genuine passion for chess, creating an environment where users can experience the joy of learning and improving at the game.