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Improving Chess Calculation and Visualization


29 January 2024

A lot of mastery in chess hinges on two critical skills: calculation and visualisation. The ability to envision future positions, and analyse them. Read on to find out about the best ways to train your visualisation and calculation skills, why they matter, and how at, we have developed specialised tools to help players enhance these abilities.

The Essence of Chess Calculation and Visualization

Chess calculation and visualisation are about envisioning future possibilities in the game. Working out the next sequence of moves and, crucially, analysing that final position.

  • Is it good for me?
  • Is it good for my opponent?
  • It's the ability to predict the consequences of moves before they are made. Players often face challenges in calculation like overlooking an opponents threats, or not accurately keeping track of the board in their head. These skills are essential for players at all levels, and continuous training of them is key to chess improvement.

    Board Recall Training - Sharpening Your Board Vision

    Enter Board Recall Training. This innovative tool is designed to improve your board vision and memory. It presents you with a board position for a brief moment, or longer - that's up to you, after which you're asked to recall specific details about the position.

    This forces you to do something called "chunking", where you break up the board into smaller more easily recognisable positions. Instead of memorising every piece, you might remember that the bottom right is a "standard castled king" and the left side is a "minority attack" and that blacks bishop is fianchettoed. Those three things are enough to remember 10 pieces & 12 pawns.

    The Mechanics of the Board Recall Trainer

    Using the Board Recall Trainer is straightforward yet impactful. You're shown a chessboard with pieces in a particular arrangement. After memorising the position, you'll answer questions based on it. Regular practice with this tool sharpens your memory and helps in recognising patterns and positions during your actual games.

    We always keep the pawns on the board, because the pawns are like the signature of a position and crucial to understanding it. But to tailor the difficulty you can:

  • Reduce how long you view the position
  • Increase/decrease how many pieces are kept on the board
  • Increase how many pieces you have to recall
  • Visualisation Training - Enhancing Foresight in Chess

    Our Visualisation Trainer takes your training a notch higher. This tool is about foreseeing the outcome of a sequence of moves. You're presented with a position and a series of moves to visualise. The challenge lies in determining the final position in your mind's eye. This trainer is pivotal for players struggling with visualising longer sequences of moves and aids in improving calculation depth.

    The final move is usually simple, a checkmate, or a hanging piece. However, keeping track of all the moving pieces in your head can get tricky! Especially as you push the difficulty higher. Start with two moves, but can you go up to 10? And what about pushing the puzzle difficulty?

    Practical Tips for Effective Visualization Training

    To maximise the benefits of visualisation training, integrate these sessions into your regular practice. Start with shorter sequences and gradually increase the complexity. Focus on the process, not just the outcome. Remember, the goal is to enhance your visualisation skills, not just to get the right answer.

    Only answer when you're really sure. When you are 100% confident you have the position in your head.

    If you're looking for an easy way to incorporate visualisation training into your chess improvement plan, try adding it as a warmup! Slightly lower difficulties, but done repeatedly can also have a huge benefit and are easy ways to get the mind ready for a hard training session.


    Improving your chess calculation and visualisation skills is a journey of consistent practice and refinement. By leveraging tools like the Board Recall and Visualisation Trainers at, you can significantly enhance these crucial aspects of your chess game.

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